Zuche has developed its code of ethics for maintaining a long lasting relationship with partners, customers, patients and employees. For delivering better healthcare products we follow these codes of ethics:

Zuche’s strategy is based on regular investment in healthcare products which are innovative, highly effective, practical and easy to use, and which are manufactured to the most demanding standards of quality, safety and efficacy. We aspire for quality, and constantly challenge ourselves and our methods. Thus our products demonstrate dedication and respect for our consumers, which earns us their confidence and faith.

We are always committed to build a strong and long lasting relationship with our customers and our suppliers, founded on trust and mutual benefit. We do business with integrity and respect the laws and regulations of the countries in which we operate and adhere to good corporate governance practices. We believe in honesty and clarity and thus expect the same from our partners. Our business partners must comply with the applicable laws, rules, regulations and ethical standards of the country in which they operate. The exchanged information between us must fulfil confidentiality terms.

Zuche aims at making itself a great place to work. Our employees are our greatest strength. We are responsible to provide them a safe and healthy working environment. The personal talent and merit of an employee is recognised, diversity is valued, privacy is respected, and the balance between professional and personal life is always taken into account. We encourage culture of openness, courage, generosity, appreciation and respect, so that all our employees feel free to come forward with their queries, thoughts and concerns.

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